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Customised Covers for

Air Con Condenser units

Guy Andrews Electrical have custom designed covers for Air Conditioner Condenser Units:


Designed to prolong the life of your air conditioner condenser (The outside section of your unit) 

Improved efficiency

  • The cover helps your unit run cooler

Protects your air conditioner condenser unit from:

  • Hail & Rain

  • Bumps and knocks

  • Animals chewing on pipes and cables

  • Direct sun on electronic components

Provides Added Safety 

  • Keeps fan and moving parts away from small fingers

  • Keeps vandals from damaging unit

More attractive neat and tidy look 

  • covers up ugly outdoor units 

  • helps protect from fading


Key Features

- Accessible lockable service door

- Can be wall or ground mounted

- Powder coated steel - One colour only

- Flat pack boxed for transport

- Comes with all mounting hardware for installation.

- will fit units up to 7kw


Install them on new systems or add them to existing units.

You can install yourself or get one of our tradesmen to install for you.


Price: $210 includes GST - Additional costs for freight and installation

Phone 0427 689 153 

Covers for Air Conditioner Condenser Uni

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