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Purify your air with or without Cooling or Heating

Are you challenged by dust, mould, allergens, odours or dry skin and hair?

A potential solution to reduce these issues is the Panasonic NanoeX (TM) air conditioners.

This range of air purifiers can be used with or without your cooling or heating system. A great way to help clean the air in your home at the same time as keeping you and your family feeling comfortable no matter what the season.

Contact our team at Guy Andrews Electrical to enquire further regarding the best size and system for your space via our quick online booking form.

Call Guy on 0429 424 335.

Panasonic Unwanted Guests (80 second video)

Want to get rid of unwelcome guests? 

Say goodbye to allergens, odours and other unwelcome guests with the Panasonic NanoeX (TM) air purification system.

So what are the characteristics and 7 effects of nanoe™ X

nanoe™ X are nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles with 10 times the OH radicals of nanoe™

Find more details on Panasonic's The characteristics and 7 effects of nanoe™ X

Download PDF

Want to print off some details or to dig a bit deeper on the benefits of Panasonic nanoeX?

Then check out these attached documents - All provided to us by Panasonic Air Conditioning.


Give your home healthier air

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Nanoex Quick Overview Flyer


Nanoe X Test Report

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