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Air-conditioning & Refrigeration

Guy Andrews Electrical offer the following services

  • Installation and Service of commercial refrigeration, including cool rooms, freezers and fridges.

  • Installation, Maintenance and Repairs of commercial and domestic air-conditioning systems and air purification systems.

  • Speedy Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine service.

Call Guy on 0427 689 153 to discuss your requirements.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Specialist lo

Our Newest service offering
Air Purification systems

Are you challenged by dust, mould, allergens, odours or dry skin and hair?

A potential solution to reduce these issues is the Panasonic NanoeX (TM) air conditioners.

This range of air purifiers can be used with or without your cooling or heating system. A great way to help clean the air in your home at the same time as keeping you and your family feeling comfortable no matter what the season.


See more details on how it works on our Air Purification Systems page

Contact our team at Guy Andrews Electrical to enquire further regarding the best size and system for your space.

Call Guy on 0429 424 335.

NanoeX Quick Overview Flyer Final.jpg

Air Purification Systems

Healthier air for your home. Clean your air whilst you heat or cool your home.

For those who don't require a new system then you can book in for our speedy cleaning service.

Speedy Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine

Is your air conditioner working to its best capacity? With the dust, smoke and just general day to day air particles your air conditioner is filtering the air on a daily basis. This means that the filter is capturing and potentially holding onto a whole lot of grime and reducing its efficiency to cool you down.

We now have a Speedy Air Conditioner cleaning machine.
The benifits of Speedy Cleaning your split system is as follows.
- Cleans and sanitises the coil and fan.
- Eliminates smells and odours
- Removes and kills moulds and germs in the AC
- Increases air flow from the fan
- Increases the life of the system.
- Makes the system more energy efficient
- Improves the air quality
We have an introductory offer of $135.00 per split system, if you have multiple units with in the same residence or business we can quote a bulk discount.
Call 0427 689 153 to book your service

Air conditioners on commercial premises, such as restaurants and cafes, can be really doing some extra unnecessary hard work! A member of our team can come into your premises, whether in the home or business and do a super clean of your filters. In 2019 we purchased a new system that really does the job, quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.

See more info and another example on our Updates page - See How Clean is your Air con?

Here's a photo of a cafe's airconditioning filter with the cleaning prohalf cleaned process by Guy Andrews Electrical... What a difference!

Such a difference 

Left side untouched... on the right cleaned by the Guy Andrews Electrical Team

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