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Solar Solutions

Guy Andrews Electrical, your trusted power and cooling specialists, offer a full range of solar services including
  • Grid Connect 
  • Stand Alone
  • Solar & Hybrid Systems
  • Remote Area Power Stations 
Let us customise solutions to suit your location and load requirements

Not only are we licensed solar installers with Clean Energy Council but we are also licensed for Level 2 Electrical so we can connect your site to the grid overhead, underground and install metering systems.


Solar Financial Solutions

Guy Andrews Electrical Pty Ltd has teamed up with industry specialist Solar Financial Solutions to provide our customers with a financing plan that lets you install a system without a large upfront payment while letting you enjoy savings in electricity the day your solar is turned on.

Want to know more details? Call Guy on 0427 689 153.

Solar Finance Solutions
Solar Finance Solutions Benefits
We are fully qualified and licensed through the Clean Energy Council
Clean Energy Council Licence: A5744689
But don't just take our word  for it...You can search for any approved installer on 

You need to check out the Clean Energy Council website for accredited and trained installers to ensure your provider meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards.

When you search you will discover that Guy Andrews Electrical not only meets those standards but offers the biggest range of services related to solar than most nearby solar specialists in North Western NSW.

Design and installation of grid-connected systems
Design and installation of off-grid systems
Design and installation of a battery connected to the grid

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Remote Power Station

In rural locations situated off the grid a huge challenge can be to source a reliable power supply that is easy to operate and is affordable. In partnership with Brendan Conn based in Newcastle we offer 2 different sized remote power stations that are fully transportable and once delivered are ready to just plug and play!

Each system combines a solar array, a fully exhausted generator, a fully automated control system and battery supply. As soon as there isn't enough power coming from the solar array the diesel operated generator automatically turns on to provide for the power required and switches off at a safe level so there are no overload issues.


Please see details of two of our systems and call us so we can design a system that suits your power needs and requirements.

Our specially designed and fully ready to go systems start from $30,000 - great value when you look at all that is included! 

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