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How clean is your aircon system?

It's important to regularly clean your air conditioning systems. We recommend you do it at each change of season and for an extra special clean call in our team from Guy Andrews Electrical for a thorough deep clean of your unit.

We filmed and photographed a recent clean so that you can get a clearer picture of the potential issues you may have without regular deep cleaning of your unit. Looking fine on the outside until you see the covers off. This air conditioner was in an office that is cleaned and tidied on a daily basis.

When you consider that air passes through these systems on a daily basis air conditioning units are real work horses and so they do need to be maintained for both efficiency and for the health of your family, customers or employees.

Here's the before photo.

Next we got one of our team to attach a system to capture all the water and debris. Here Brian demonstrates cleaning the first half of the air conditioner unit.

Now here's a still shot of the difference with half the head unit cleaned. What an incredible difference. Straight after the video above was filmed.

The team even measured a difference in the airflow of the unit. Which is not surprising after all that blockage removed.

See more information about our Speedy Cleaning on our page.

Want to get your unit cleaned and serviced? Call Guy on 0427 689 153 to make an appointment and ask about his introductory offer.

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